New release: A Mate by Any Other Name

Hey everyone. I’m here with my customary email update. Today, it’s for my new release: A Mate by Any Other Name.


A lone wolf and an Alpha, Samuel Tariano is content to live his life as the owner and main chef of one of the most important catering companies in the paranormal world. Everything changes when one night, his path crosses that of the beautiful and dangerous Cassius.

Cassius does not know what to make of the unusual werewolf who disregards all the stereotypes of his species, but he decides to embrace the attraction between them. But what should have been only a one night stand becomes so much more when they are notified that they have been forcibly mated, courtesy of the most meddling witch in existence.

Between the frustration of an unimpressed Cassius and the confusion of a tentatively hopeful Samuel, this unlikely couple have quite a lot on their plate. And that is before the intervention of strange parental figures, well-meaning friends and familiars obsessed with paperwork.

There is one thing Cassius and Samuel can agree on. Having a soulbond is far more complicated than it should be.

Buy link here: All Romance.

As always, the story has been uploaded on Draft2Digital and should pop up on the rest of the distributors soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR APPLE READERS! Unfortunately, book 1.1. of the series has been rejected by Apple on account of having a name that suggests financial promotions. There’s nothing I can do there – the name is a reference to the content. I apologize for the inconvenience and urge those interested to turn to other distributors.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this new release! Happy reading!

Now out: Soulmates? Hell No! 1.1

In celebration of Black Friday, I have a new release! Soulmates? Hell No! 1.1.


It starts out simple—with a Black Friday sale and a beta werewolf desperately trying to find a gift for his Alpha’s pregnant mate. But fate—and a certain witch’s spell—intervene, and things become anything but simple.

When Elton Felder meets the mysterious Silver in a toy store, he is immediately drawn to the beautiful stranger. In Silver’s blue eyes, Elton sees something special. His wolf, and okay, his libido, insist on getting to know Silver better, so when Silver confesses he is stuck with a family reunion from hell, Elton offers to help.

Little does he know there’s a little more to Silver’s family reunion than Silver originally stated. Elton might have just bitten off more than even a werewolf can chew.

Buy link here: All Romance.

As always, you can expect the story on other distributors (Apple, Tolino etc.) sometime next week.

Happy reading!

New release: Socks to be an Alpha’s Mate

Happy upcoming Halloween! Hope you’re celebrating with a lot of trick or treating and a lot of fun! I am celebrating with a new release, from a new series. This one is a little different, and I hope you will enjoy it and it will bring a smile to your face 🙂


What do an angry, overworked Alpha werewolf and an antisocial, human, animal-care worker possibly have in common? Nothing much, except perhaps the same laundromat. At least, until a certain witch gets it into her head to teach the humans a lesson of the meaning of soulbonds. Just like that, everything goes to hell.

When Alpha Sullivan Dupree and Emery Thatcher meet, it’s not love at first sight. In fact, it’s anything but. It’s the worst first impression possible—which makes it even crazier when, upon their second meeting, they realize a witch has forcibly soulbonded them. Soulmates? Hell no.

As a werewolf, Sullivan is used to getting screwed over by witches, but this is a bit much. As for Emery… Suffice to say he is not impressed with the paranormal world’s propensity to take over his life.

Stuck together, Emery and Sullivan now have to make the best of this strange twist. But is it truly a curse, or is it a blessing in disguise? What will our intrepid heroes discover through their unlikely bond?

Buy link: All Romance.

As always, I have uploaded the story on D2D and it will become available on the other distributors sometime next week. Happy Halloween again, and most of all, happy reading!

New release: Mate Wooing 301

Hello everyone! Miss me? I’m back with a new release. This time, it’s Mate Wooing 301.


Sometimes, meeting one’s mate involves death defying stunts and destruction. Other times, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. For Terry Hunt, it’s a combination of both.

With the weight of a terrible secret threatening to crush him, Terry flees his pack, seeking to cut himself off from his past. When he steps into a certain supermarket, he does not expect running into his mate Silas on a crowded aisle.

Silas is as unprepared for this development as Terry. He has no idea what to make of a mind-reading Gamma mate, and he feels terribly inadequate. But their problems are only just beginning. Soon, Silas will have to learn not only how to court a certain runaway Gamma, but also how to protect him from his own nature and from those trying to hurt him.

Buy link here: All Romance.

As always, I have uploaded the story on D2D and it should be available on the other distributors within a few days. Happy reading!


New release: Alpha Gathering 3

Hello everyone. Miss me? A new title is out, this one in the Alpha Gathering series. Yes, I have finally gone back to the LWP universe 🙂


Dread was once a silencer, an assassin meant to take out threats to the secrecy of his world. Now he is just a man with a death sentence hanging over his head. He is tired and expects nothing—except maybe, some peace. What he gets is very different.

While out on a hunt, Dread finds a house cat stuck up a tree. It shouldn’t matter much in the big picture, but from the moment he hears the first hesitant meow, he knows the cat is a shifter, and most importantly, his mate. And then the stranger changes shapes, and he is also the most beautiful man Dread has ever seen—Ian St. Claire. Dread wants him so much, but he is also terrified, since the last thing he wants is to burden his other half with his imminent death.

But things are far more complicated than Dread knows and, behind his sharp green eyes and sweet smile, Ian is hiding some secrets of his own. An unlikely instinctual bond forms between them—but will it be enough to keep what is coming at bay?

Buy link here: All Romance.

As always, I have also uploaded the title on D2D and it will soon become available on other distributors (Apple, Barnes and Noble, Tolino etc.)

Happy reading!

New release: Mate Meet Online 3

Hi everyone. I’m back with a new release. This time, it’s book 3 of my MMO series, and it is Camryn’s story.


Camryn Knight always knew his work with Mate Meet Online would eventually draw the wrong kind of attention. That doesn’t mean he is happy when the Council of Alphas shut down his website. Neither does it mean that he will give MMO up.

Alpha Seth Weiss finds himself in a predicament. He is well aware that Camryn Knight’s lies have to be stopped, but the Council has no proof of Knight’s misconduct.

When Cam pressures Seth to join the website, Cam hopes to make the Council see his point of view. Seth hopes to find evidence of Knight’s ploys. Both of them will get a huge surprise—one that will change their lives forever.

Buy link here: All Romance.

As always, I have also uploaded the release on Draft2Digital and it will become available on the other distributors next week.

Happy reading!


New release: A Mate Hunt for Mark

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having an amazing Easter weekend. To celebrate, here is a new holiday special for you.


Legend has it that on Easter, rabbits visit children and bring them gifts of colorful eggs, candy and toys. That is true, but it is also not the only thing they do.

Attie is an Easter bunny and has been granted a new project—two blessings for two very special couples. He is in the middle of his task when the unlikeliest thing happens. Mark Roskam stumbles into his life.

To reconcile with his brother, Mark agrees to organize and Easter Egg Hunt on Roskam pack lands. When he spots an intruder on pack grounds, he naturally shoots into action. He does not expect the stranger in question to be his mate.

Legend has it that on Easter, rabbits visit children and bring them gifts of colorful eggs, candy and toys. This Easter, one werewolf will receive an ever greater gift—the gift of an Easter bunny’s heart.

Buy link here: All Romance.

As always, I have added the story to Draft2Digital and it should become available on the other distributors next week.

Happy reading and happy Easter!