Wolfkin 1. Peanuts and Wolf Fangs


Every Kin knows how important a mate can be for them. Peanut Booth is no different. He dreams of romance, of his other half, of an exciting meeting and a bond that would complete him.

It’s not meant to be. Because Peanut’s life isn’t exciting or romantic—so his meeting with his mate is also anything but.

It would have still been nice if said mate didn’t seem to hate him on sight. But Peanut is a fighter. He won’t let one wolfkin get to him—no matter how handsome and attractive said wolfkin is, and even if the man looks like he just stepped off the cover of Playwolf. They might be mates, but that is no guarantee, and it doesn’t force Peanut into anything. He’s fine. He can just go back to his usual life. Right?

Oh, hell, who is he kidding? He’s in so much trouble… But then, so is his reluctant mate.

Wolfkin 2. Catkin and Wolf Howls


Christopher “Kit” Catenhouser has made a huge mistake. He agreed to a snowball fight with his friends, and now, he has a terrible cold. He feels utterly wretched, miserable and quite frankly, filthy.

Fate seems against him, because that’s exactly when his mate, Howler Smith, steps through his door. And what’s a self-respecting catkin to do? This is not the way to meet one’s mate. So, he can only hide.

But Howler is a wolfkin—and nothing if not determined. Will it be enough to help Kit through the woes of his catkin life?

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Wolfkin 1 & 2

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