Soulmates? Hell No!

Book 1. Socks to be an Alpha’s Mate


What do an angry, overworked Alpha werewolf and an antisocial, human, animal-care worker possibly have in common? Nothing much, except perhaps the same laundromat. And then, a certain witch gets it into her head to teach humans a lesson about the meaning of soulbonds. Just like that, everything goes to hell.

When Alpha Sullivan Dupree and Emery Thatcher meet, it’s not love at first sight. In fact, it’s anything but. It’s the worst first impression possible—which makes it even crazier when, upon their second meeting, they realize a witch has forcibly soulbonded them. Soulmates? Hell no!

As a werewolf, Sullivan is used to getting screwed over by witches, but this is a bit much. As for Emery… Suffice to say he is not impressed with the paranormal world’s propensity to take over his life.

Stuck together, Emery and Sullivan now have to make the best of this strange twist. But is it truly a curse, or is it a blessing in disguise? What will our intrepid heroes discover through their unlikely bond?

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Book 1.1. Special Offer: True Mate 100% Off


It starts out simple, with a Black Friday sale and a beta werewolf desperately trying to find a gift for his Alpha’s pregnant mate. But fate—and a certain witch’s spell—intervene, and things become anything but simple.

When Elton Felder meets the mysterious Silver in a toy store, he is immediately drawn to the beautiful stranger. In Silver’s blue eyes, Elton sees something special. His wolf, and okay, his libido, insist on getting to know Silver better, so when Silver confesses he is stuck with a family reunion from hell, Elton offers to help.

Little does he know there’s a little more to Silver’s family reunion than Silver originally stated. Elton might have just bitten off more than even a werewolf can chew.

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Book 2. A Mate by Any Other Name


A lone wolf and an Alpha, Samuel Tariano is content to live his life as the owner and main chef of one of the most important catering companies in the paranormal world. Everything changes when one night, his path crosses that of the beautiful and dangerous Cassius.

Cassius does not know what to make of the unusual werewolf who disregards all the stereotypes of his species, but he decides to embrace the attraction between them. However, what should have been only a one night stand becomes so much more when they are notified that they have been forcibly mated, courtesy of the most meddling witch in existence.

Between the frustration of an unimpressed Cassius and the confusion of a tentatively hopeful Samuel, this unlikely couple have quite a lot on their plate. And that is before the intervention of strange parental figures, well-meaning friends and familiars obsessed with paperwork.

There is one thing Cassius and Samuel can agree on. Having a soul bond is far more complicated than it should be.

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