Mate Meet Online

Mate Meet Online is a paranormal romance series rotating around a matchmaking website and the characters who stumble into love through the help of the online Mate Search engine.

Author’s note: The correct titles for the stories are the ones posted here, and on the All Romance website – the non-capitalized ones. Unfortunately, Smashwords formatting does not allow such titles, as the Smashwords engine identifies them as errors. As such, I needed to make a slight modification so that the books will be available through other distributors.

Mate Meet Online 1. river_wolf51 and the_pouty_leprechaun

MateMeet1 64% 150dpi

A matchmaking community for werewolves? Ridiculous. Or at least, that is what Ford Knight believes when his mischievous brother comes up with the idea of Mate Meet Online. Sadly incapable of saying no to said sibling, he still ends up making a profile, even if he knows his chances for finding his other half are very slim indeed.

Fast forward one year—and MMO has become one of the most popular social networking websites in existence. Disgruntled human florist Rainbow Rose wants nothing to do with it—who needs that nonsense anyway?—but his best friend Emmie is of a different mind.

The end result is the unlikeliest meeting possible, and the story of river_wolf51 and the_pouty_leprechaun.

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Mate Meet Online 1.1. not.a.reindeer and lupus_sapiens

MateMeet2 64% 150dpi

What could a feisty IT programer who is often the target of reindeer jokes and a werewolf Latin teacher desperate for a mate possibly have in common? Quite a lot, apparently… At least according to Mate Meet Online.

Rudy is coaxed into joining MMO by the beauty of the coding and the cause his friend Cam believes in. Giovanni begrudgingly agrees to register due to his cousin’s encouragement. Neither of them expect it to actually work.

The result? A mix of misunderstandings, hot coffee, sweet nothings whispered in Latin, frantic sexy times… and the first romance of Mate Meet Online—the story of not.a.raindeer and lupus_sapiens.

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MMO 1 and 1.1

Mate Meet Online Volume 1 (Books 1 and 1.1).

Buy link on Amazon here.

Mate Meet Online 2. emmie_potofgold and lonely.lycaon


For many years, Lydell Barlow has been convinced he isn’t normal. Unlike other werewolves, he has no mate. There is no other half waiting for him out there. His pack even banished him because of it.

When he learns of the new matchmaking platform for shifters—Mate Meet Online—he tries to ignore it. But soon, it becomes obvious that the deception behind the website is unforgivable. After all, how many shifters just as lonely as him are being given false hope? He cannot stand for it.

He joins the website with a vague plan of sabotaging it from the inside. But when the MMO search engine does find him a match, his plans change drastically. Because Emmie Lemaire—emmie_potofgold—is everything Lydell has ever dreamed of, and so much more.

Can it be true? Can a website truly lead two mates to one another? And if it is, how will Lydell confess his original intentions to the beautiful human who has stolen his heart?

One thing is certain—this Internet dating thing isn’t easy.

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Mate Meet Online 3. cyber_pup and wolven4real


Camryn Knight always knew his work with Mate Meet Online would eventually draw the wrong kind of attention. That doesn’t mean he is happy when the Council of Alphas shut down his website. Neither does it mean that he will give MMO up.

Alpha Seth Weiss finds himself in a predicament. He is well aware that Camryn Knight’s lies have to be stopped, but the Council has no proof of Knight’s misconduct.

When Cam pressures Seth to join the website, Cam hopes to make the Council see his point of view. Seth hopes to find evidence of Knight’s ploys. Both of them will get a huge surprise—one that will change their lives forever.

Buy link here: All Romance.

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