Hachti Warriors

Hachti Warriors 1. Sold to the Man in the Purple Fur

Rain Enderton is a half-human hybrid in a quandary. Rejected by his alien mother’s people, he tries to find a place for himself on Earth, seeking a purpose to replace the affection he never received.

That is, until he is kidnapped by space pirates with a grudge on his father and a strange hold over insectoid aliens. He really doesn’t think his situation could get any worse, but then he is sold as a sex slave to a purple-furred Hachti, a member of the one of the most dangerous species in the universe.

Hachti warrior Neshtai has a problem. He is in heat, and desperately in love with his best friend and clan brother Drennach. In one last attempt to find a solution, he seeks a sex slave—only to run into a beautiful half-human hybrid named Rain. Rain’s eyes are the same color as Neshtai’s fur. It must be fate.

Meanwhile, Drennach is assaulted by jealousy—but is he jealous of Rain, or of Neshtai? How in the universe is he supposed to deal with not one, but two impossible loves?

Sparks fly and tempers flare as the meeting between the three men brings to light secrets the Hachti tried to bury. Can it be possible? Can a half-human be the mate of two Hachti warriors? And if so, what will it mean for all of them?

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Hachti Warriors 2. Claimed by His Hachti Mates

Hachti Warriors 2 64% 150dpi

Rain, Drennach and Neshtai are building their new life on the alien world of Hachtera. But all is not well for the unlikely lovers. Their families are not happy with their bond, considering it shameful and dangerous. The three of them know better—but can they really argue with nature?

When Drennach unexpectedly goes into heat, Rain finds himself unable to get close to either of his mates. In their desire to protect him, they push him away, and while Rain understands their reasons, he can’t help but feel lost and hurt.

And their problems are nowhere near over. As secrets from Rain’s past start to come out, it becomes clear that the battle for their relationship is just beginning. Will the bond of the three lovers be strong enough to surpass their own doubts, and the threats from all those who want to separate them?

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Hachti Warriors 3. Fighting for His Hachti Family

Hachti Warriors 3 64% 150dpi

Rain and his Hachti warriors have been given the greatest gift of all. They’re going to have a baby. But the challenge of impending parenthood is the least of their concerns.

The four clans of Hachtera have finally come together to decide their fate. A space pirate with a grudge is after them. And on top of it all, the future of an entire race weighs on Rain’s shoulder, and shadows his future.

Rain isn’t asking for much. He just wants to be left alone, to enjoy—or at the very least, survive—his pregnancy. He wants to hold his son in his arms and curl with his mates in their warm bed. But if he’s ever going to have all that, if he will ever safeguard his true home and his family, he and his mates will have to fight for it—and the most difficult of battles are yet to come.

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