Anya Byrne is first and foremost a longtime fan of erotic romance. Starting to write her own stories was a natural progression of her devotion for the genre. Years after she put pen to paper in that very first book, she is just as enthusiastic and let’s face it, somewhat obsessive about erotic romance and all that it entails. She is steadfast in the belief that there’s nothing quite as hot as an amazing hero—except more amazing heroes engaged in heroic hot lovin’, and has branched out into the field of self-publishing to convince even more readers of this fact. Hopefully, she will succeed :).

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  1. Hey Anya, I just found out about ARe closing and was downloading all my books I had purchased…and your newest A Mate by any Other Name wasn’t in my Library…I purchased it on Dec 27th just after midnight on Boxing Day…I’ve sent a request to find out what happened…noticed all of your books are no longer on their website…I will be trying to call the 800 # that is listed on the Paypal receipt and see what they will do for me…hopefully I get someone…Also will you be publishing somewhere else…Smashwords or ??? Thanks Lisette


    • Yes, the books are listed on other distributors. I never linked them to my website because it took some time for them to be uploaded and to be honest, it always slipped my mind. However, they are available if you look for them. I updated my news post with the list of distributors where you can find my releases.

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      • Any chance that you could send me the book I paid for in Epub format to my email…I would send you a copy of the receipt from paypal as proof of purchase since I read one of your posts saying you disabled them……I hope you will publish your books at Smashwords again as I had no trouble buying your books from them before…I can’t purchase from Amazon since its only for Kindle readers….Thanks


  2. Hi Anya
    I just went to the A.R. E site to download all of my books from my library there to my Kindle library and all of my books that I purchased of yours are missing from my library. What I’m wondering is there anyway I can replace these because I really enjoyed reading them.
    Thank you


    • I’m very sorry to hear that. I removed the books manually for precautionary purposes. I can no longer re-activate them since I am concerned it will cause the books to be entangled in legal issues later on.


  3. Try the new SeatoSkybooks.com for publishing. It is being set up for self publishing authors in response to the ARe shutdown. Keep writing!


  4. I just wanted to update you that I ended up getting a refund from AllRomance for your book A Mate by any other Name…I just recently looked into joining Kobo and have finally bought your book today…I just finished reading it…I’m looking forward to purchasing any books new releases in the future there…Thanks Lisette (from Canada)


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