New release: Wrong Omega, Right Mate

Hi, everyone! I’m back after a far too long absence, with a new release, currently live on Amazon.

AB - Wrong Omega, Right Mate

As a male Omega, Charis ‘Char’ Slater is supposed to have the world at his fingertips. Only real life doesn’t work that way, and he is tired of the double standard society imposes on people of his orientation. He’s also on the cusp of his heat, which is less than ideal for an unbonded Omega. When a friend suggests hiring an escort to deal with it, he happily agrees.

Meanwhile, Alpha Dante Takahashi finds himself straining against the unreasonable expectations of his father and constantly fighting instincts that are too powerful for him to contain. He needs a way to let out a little steam. When his friends suggest hiring an escort to deal with it, he’s reluctant, but agrees.

It should have been the easiest thing in the world—only it isn’t. When the escort service makes a mistake, two true mates meet in a hotel room, both thinking the other is a sex worker. Will they manage to turn their accidental meeting into a forever, or is their unexpected romance doomed to fail?

Buy link here: Amazon.

Happy reading!

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