Amazon upload: Lone Wolf Pack Hot Sparks Vol 1

Today, I uploaded Lone Wolf Pack Hot Sparks Volume 1 on Amazon. This is a reunion of Lone Wolf Pack 4.1. and Lone Wolf Pack 4.2. On Amazon, it will officially be numbered as book 5 of the series, but as you might already be aware, the actual book 5 is Erdi’s book, which will probably be the next Amazon release.


Two Lone Wolf Pack short stories in one single volume!

Lone Wolf Pack 4.1. Bonded to His Werewolf Lover

Nate Stone has a problem. His uncle, pack Alpha Wendel Adler, and his cousin are both dead—leaving Nate the only one who can take care of the Adler pack. He is torn between his lack of interest in leadership and his desire to help… at least, until one unexpected twist of fate makes his path cross that of Valentine Smythe. His mate.

Val didn’t expect much of his quiet weekend away. He definitely didn’t expect literally running into the most handsome man he’d ever met in his life. The chemistry between them is explosive, and the attraction goes beyond the sexual.

Will that be enough to bridge the gap between the two lovers? Will their bond survive the weight of Nate’s secret, or will their differences prove to be too much to handle?

Lone Wolf Pack 4.2. Reunited with His Werewolf Beloved

A few years ago, Bobby Cox lost the most important thing in his life. Fearing the machinations of his pack leader, he broke up with his mate, TJ.

Now, the Adler pack is free of tyranny, and the new Alpha seems open to inter-species relationships. Bobby finally has hope. But will TJ, a feline shifter, want to take a chance on Bobby again, or is their bond broken beyond repair?

Buy link here: Amazon.

Thank you for your support and happy reading!


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