Now out: Soulmates? Hell No! 1.1

In celebration of Black Friday, I have a new release! Soulmates? Hell No! 1.1.


It starts out simple—with a Black Friday sale and a beta werewolf desperately trying to find a gift for his Alpha’s pregnant mate. But fate—and a certain witch’s spell—intervene, and things become anything but simple.

When Elton Felder meets the mysterious Silver in a toy store, he is immediately drawn to the beautiful stranger. In Silver’s blue eyes, Elton sees something special. His wolf, and okay, his libido, insist on getting to know Silver better, so when Silver confesses he is stuck with a family reunion from hell, Elton offers to help.

Little does he know there’s a little more to Silver’s family reunion than Silver originally stated. Elton might have just bitten off more than even a werewolf can chew.

Buy link here: All Romance.

As always, you can expect the story on other distributors (Apple, Tolino etc.) sometime next week.

Happy reading!