New release: A Mate Hunt for Mark

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having an amazing Easter weekend. To celebrate, here is a new holiday special for you.


Legend has it that on Easter, rabbits visit children and bring them gifts of colorful eggs, candy and toys. That is true, but it is also not the only thing they do.

Attie is an Easter bunny and has been granted a new project—two blessings for two very special couples. He is in the middle of his task when the unlikeliest thing happens. Mark Roskam stumbles into his life.

To reconcile with his brother, Mark agrees to organize and Easter Egg Hunt on Roskam pack lands. When he spots an intruder on pack grounds, he naturally shoots into action. He does not expect the stranger in question to be his mate.

Legend has it that on Easter, rabbits visit children and bring them gifts of colorful eggs, candy and toys. This Easter, one werewolf will receive an ever greater gift—the gift of an Easter bunny’s heart.

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As always, I have added the story to Draft2Digital and it should become available on the other distributors next week.

Happy reading and happy Easter!

New release: Shifter Tales 5

Hi everyone! Miss me? I’m back with a new release, Shifter Tales 5. It is the story of Phelan and Elian’s son Blaise.


Prince Blaise is raised in the loving arms of his parents, wanting nothing more than to make them proud and be the heir his father needs. But when disaster strikes, Blaise’s hopes and dreams come crumbling down. He is a failure and an anomaly, and his home is lost to him.

To keep him safe, his parents, Prince Phelan and his consort Elian, are forced to secret him away in a distant tower, there to wait for the right time to be rescued, for the right man to find him.

When traveling blacksmith Aran comes across a mysterious map in a mere game of chance, he knows he should not pursue it. He has no desire for treasure or adventure, and he is no hero. He is anything but.

He sets out on a journey regardless—and what he finds at his destination is beyond anything he could have ever expected. He finds Blaise, his mate, the man he is meant to help and protect.

But will Aran’s determination be enough? Between the dark shadows of Aran’s past and the encroaching threat of war coming from the Great Wolven Kingdom, can the bond between Blaise and Aran even survive?

Buy link here: All Romance.

For non-All Romance readers, I have uploaded the story on Draft2Digital, and it should become available within the next few days. Don’t forget the titles available through Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Tolino and Page Foundry (new titles only) have a notification option that allows you to subscribe to my future releases.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the story! Happy reading!