New release: Catkin and Wolf Howls

Hi everyone. Wolfkin 2. Catkin and Wolf Howls is now out.


Christopher “Kit” Catenhouser has made a huge mistake. He agreed to a snowball fight with his friends, and now, he has a terrible cold. He feels utterly wretched, miserable and quite frankly, filthy.

Fate seems against him, because that’s exactly when his mate, Howler Smith, steps through his door. And what’s a self-respecting catkin to do? This is not the way to meet one’s mate. So, he can only hide.

But Howler is a wolfkin—and nothing if not determined. Will it be enough to help Kit through the woes of his catkin life?

Buy link here: All Romance.

As always, I have uploaded the story to D2D as well, and it will become available on the other distributors soon.

Happy reading!

New release: Mate Meet Online 2

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve had a very nice New Year’s celebration. Mate Meet Online 2, emmie_potofgold and lonely.lycaon, is now out.


For many years, Lydell Barlow has been convinced he isn’t normal. Unlike other werewolves, he has no mate. There is no other half waiting for him out there. His pack even banished him because of it.

When he learns of the new matchmaking platform for shifters—Mate Meet Online—he tries to ignore it. But soon, it becomes obvious that the deception behind the website is unforgivable. After all, how many shifters just as lonely as him are being given false hope? He cannot stand for it.

He joins the website with a vague plan of sabotaging it from the inside. But when the MMO search engine does find him a match, his plans change drastically. Because Emmie Lemaire—emmie_potofgold—is everything Lydell has ever dreamed of, and so much more.

Can it be true? Can a website truly lead two mates to one another? And if it is, how will Lydell confess his original intentions to the beautiful human who has stolen his heart?

One thing is certain—this Internet dating thing isn’t easy.

Buy link here: All Romance.

I have uploaded the book on Draft2Digital so it should be available on the other distributors within a few days.

Happy reading!