Happy Cyber Monday: New Release and All Romance Rebate

Hello everyone. It’s Cyber Monday today and I’m celebrating with a new release. This one is a little different, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Every Kin knows how important a mate can be for them. Peanut Booth is no different. He dreams of romance, of his other half, of an exciting meeting and a bond that would complete him.

It’s not meant to be. Because Peanut’s life isn’t exciting or romantic—so his meeting with his mate is also anything but.

It would have still been nice if said mate didn’t seem to hate him on sight. But Peanut is a fighter. He won’t let one wolfkin get to him—no matter how handsome and attractive said wolfkin is, and even if the man looks like he just stepped off the cover of Playwolf. They might be mates, but that is no guarantee, and it doesn’t force Peanut into anything. He’s fine. He can just go back to his usual life. Right?

Oh, hell, who is he kidding? He’s in so much trouble… But then, so is his reluctant mate.

Buy link: All Romance.

Since it’s Cyber Monday, there’s a 50% off rebate on All Romance. This means that if you purchase the book, you’ll get 50% back to buy something else on the website. So make sure to check it out.

I have also uploaded the story on D2D and it should show up on the other distributors this week.

Happy reading!

New release: Bearers 3

Hi everyone. I’m here with a new release, Bearers 3. Full Moon Fires.


Lysander is a male half-breed shape-shifter. By rights, he shouldn’t be able to have heats. And yet, that is exactly what happens. When his own pack betrays him, Lysander is forced to flee the only home he’s ever known.

Now on the run, Lysander eventually seeks help in a Bearer shelter. The only problem that even here, he is haunted by his past. It all seems hopeless—until Callaghan steps in.

Upon hearing a mysterious pack killer apparently attacked a Bearer shelter, Callaghan immediately wants to help. But things are not what they seem, and instead of finding the crazed werewolf he’d heard so much about, Callaghan meets his mate—a mate who is in dire need of someone to help and trust him.

Lysander knows he can’t afford to hope. Callaghan knows he can’t force a bond onto someone who has already been through so much.

And yet, as they find themselves growing closer, the fire between them starts to consume all their doubts. But will it be enough, or will the shadows of Lysander’s past consume them?

Buy link here: All Romance.

I have also uploaded the story to Draft2Digital, which means it should be available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Tolino and Page Foundry sometime next week. Also, there’s an awesome new feature on D2D which allows you to receive notifications for my new releases. The nifty little button is present in the books sold through D2D.

I hope you enjoy Bearers 3. Happy reading!