Happy Halloween: New Bearers release and All Romance rebate

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you’re all having a spook-tastic time. I’m celebrating with a new release, book 2 of my Bearers series.

Bearers 2 64% - 150dpi

As a pure-blooded male Bearer, Mirian Lamine has always been aware of the danger that comes with his legacy. Seeking to protect him, his father spirits him away to an island in the middle of nowhere. And Mirian is grateful, he is, but he also feels increasingly restless, the refuge of his childhood home now nothing more than a gilded cage. He feels like he is waiting for something—but what?

The answer comes in the wake of a devastating storm, and in the person of a handsome werewolf who braves it just for Mirian’s sake.

For Frey King, the simple and quite frankly unbearable boating trip changes when he catches sight of the small mysterious island. When the tempest erupts, he knows something is waiting for him out there, and he is willing to do anything to find his future.

But when the two of them meet, will Frey’s determination be enough to convince Mirian of his honesty? Can a Bearer who has lived most of his life isolated and kept away from the world adapt to the idea of being a werewolf’s mate? With all odds stacked against them, it might just take a miracle for the couple to find their happily ever after.

Buy link here: All Romance.

Also note that All Romance is having a 50% off rebate for all books, today only. So if you’re up to spending Halloween with your favorite shifters, it’s a great time to fill your shopping bag with goodies.

If ARe is not for you, I have uploaded Tempestuous Miracles on D2D and it should be available on other sales channels sometime next week.

In the meantime, enjoy reading and have a great Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween: New Bearers release and All Romance rebate

  1. I purchased a few of your books via ARe *because* of the Halloween rebate offer, but I found their discount rather misleading, i.e., it doesn’t apply to the current purchase but to whatever I buy later? Is that how it works? I found out about your books through Smashwords, which is my go-to site for self-published books, but I’d like to read future titles from you, I have to go elsewhere. Not sure how happy I am with ARe, so I might have to see if D2D is a good option. Are D2D and ARe the only main distributors you’re going with at the moment? I don’t buy books from Amazon, and I’ve got a Kindle. I’d rather support independent sites instead if I could for my book-buying.


    • Hi Hayden. First off, thank you for the purchase. This ARe rebate means that half of what you spend will be turned into ebook bucks which you can use for future purchases on the website.
      Now onto your actual dilemma. As you know, Smashwords’ main role was not actually to upload my story on their store–that was just the bonus, so to speak. What Smashwords did was send out my works to secondary distributors, like Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc. Changing to D2D basically means that I no longer have the home store option, but in the big picture, they have the same role.
      As such, my books will be available on B&N, Kobo, Apple, Page Foundry and Tolino (and All Romance of course).
      I did consider uploading the titles on Smashwords just for their store, but it’s a time-consuming option and one I wasn’t sure I was happy with given my specific circumstances. Maybe I will, sometime in the future, but I’m afraid I can offer no guarantees there.
      I hope this information helps. Please feel free to ask anything else you might need.


      • Ah, thank you for the reply. I’ll keep going with ARe (as I’m very antagonistic toward Amazon on a lot of levels) and will hold on to the rebate stuff for next time. Sorry to hear about your Smashwords experience. Hopefully things will smoothen out for you. Thanks again!


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