New release: Shifter Tales 3

Shifter Tales 3. Lion of the Lost Snow Lotus is now out, available from All Romance and Smashwords.

Shifters Tales 3a 64% 150dpi

A few hundred years ago, Nexus, the last free kingdom of humans, fell under a terrible curse. Its prince, Lotus, still slumbers, trapped in an icy prison of his own creation, in a cold and lonely realm.

In an unlikely twist of fate, lion-shifter Kasar stumbles onto the secret of Lotus’s existence and is immediately drawn to him. He embarks on a journey to find and free Lotus. But Lotus is still burdened by guilt, fears the curse’s effect on Kasar and thus denies him.

Will one lion’s determination be enough to shatter the enchantment or will Lotus wither away and die, along with his entire, lost land?

Buy links here: All Romance and Smashwords.

I’m not sure what the next release will be since I have many pending projects, but it’ll probably be Alpha Gathering 2. My muse has been contrary when it comes to that story, but I hope to finally get it to you soon.

Happy reading!

Happy 4th of July! New Shifter Tale to celebrate

Happy 4th of July to all US readers (and to non-US readers too 🙂 ). I’m celebrating this lovely day with a new release, the second story in my Shifter Tales series.

Shifter_Tales 2a 64% 150dpi

Shay has an uneventful existence. He delivers his mother’s baked goods to shifter families and tells stories to his brother in his free time. Everything changes one day when, taken by surprise by a mysterious storm, Shay finds refuge in the home of a peculiar shifter lord. He does not expect for the shifter in question—Conor—to make unprecedented emotions swell inside him.

Spurned by his own family, Conor knows he should keep his distance from his beautiful, red-hooded guest. But from the moment Shay steps onto the grounds of his mansion, Conor is drawn to him like a moth to the flame. He tells himself it is all only temporary and tries to stay away, even if Shay’s smile and his trust make him feel for the first time more than the beast he knows himself to be.

What happens when the two men are unexpectedly trapped together? Will the help of an unlikely ally be enough to give this particular tale a happily ever after?

Buy links here: Smashwords and All Romance.

Also note that All Romance is celebrating too and there’s a 50% rebate, so now is a great time for purchases. Have an amazing day, an amazing weekend, and enjoy reading!