Now out: not.a.reindeer and lupus_sapiens

Hi everyone. Mate Meet Online 1.1 is now available for purchase.

MateMeet2 64% 150dpi

What could a feisty IT programer who is often the target of reindeer jokes and a werewolf Latin teacher desperate for a mate possibly have in common? Quite a lot, apparently… At least according to Mate Meet Online.

Rudy is coaxed into joining MMO by the beauty of the coding and the cause his friend Cam believes in. Giovanni begrudgingly agrees to register due to his cousin’s encouragement. Neither of them expect it to actually work.

The result? A mix of misunderstandings, hot coffee, sweet nothings whispered in Latin, frantic sexy times… and the first romance of Mate Meet Online—the story of not.a.raindeer and lupus_sapiens.

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Happy reading!

Out now: river_wolf51 and the_pouty_leprechaun

Hi there! This week, I have yet another new series for you. It is called Mate Meet Online and rotates around a matchmaking website for paranormals.

MateMeet1 64% 150dpi

A matchmaking community for werewolves? Ridiculous. Or at least, that is what Ford Knight believes when his mischievous brother comes up with the idea of Mate Meet Online. Sadly incapable of saying no to said sibling, he still ends up making a profile, even if he knows his chances for finding his other half are very slim indeed.

Fast forward one year—and MMO has become one of the most popular social networking websites in existence. Disgruntled human florist Rainbow Rose wants nothing to do with it—who needs that nonsense anyway?—but his best friend Emmie is of a different mind.

The end result is the unlikeliest meeting possible, and the story of river_wolf51 and the_pouty_leprechaun.

Buy links here: All Romance and Smashwords.

Update on my WIPs!

Currently on my to do list are:

  • Alpha Gathering 2 (yes, still there, but muse has carried me in a different direction)
  • Shifter Tales 2 (title TBD)
  • Mate Meet Online 2 (title TBD)

There is always the possibility that I might decide on writing something else, but these are the stories I’ve actually begun typing. 🙂

Enjoy Mate Meet Online 1 and have fun reading!