New release: Hachti Warriors 3/Distributors question

Hi everyone. Miss me? I’m here with my newest release, the third story starring Rain and his two alien mates.

Hachti Warriors 3 64% 150dpi

Rain and his Hachti warriors have been given the greatest gift of all. They’re going to have a baby. But the challenge of impending parenthood is the least of their concerns.

The four clans of Hachtera have finally come together to decide their fate. A space pirate with a grudge is after them. And on top of it all, the future of an entire race weighs on Rain’s shoulder, and shadows his future.

Rain isn’t asking for much. He just wants to be left alone, to enjoy—or at the very least, survive—his pregnancy. He wants to hold his son in his arms and curl with his mates in their warm bed. But if he’s ever going to have all that, if he will ever safeguard his true home and his family, he and his mates will have to fight for it—and the most difficult of battles are yet to come.

Buy links here: All Romance and Smashwords.

This will probably be the last Hachti Warriors book in a while, although I have plans for further books in the series. As for my next release, I really want to finish Alpha Gathering 2. It’s embarrassing how long I’ve put off that story, but it all depends on the muse 🙂

Now for the last issue of the post: the distributors questions. I’ve received an inquiry on exactly how long it takes for my works to appear on Barnes and Noble. Well, to be quite honest, I’m not exactly sure. It’s a complex process, as I upload my story on Smashwords on Saturday, and it can only be reviewed for their premium catalogue (that goes through to distributors) on Monday. Usually, it will be within the week following the release on Smashwords and All Romance.

If you have any further questions on this matter, please feel free to ask, and I will do my best to reply. In the meantime, enjoy reading!

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