Out now: Lone Wolf Pack 6.1

Hi everyone. My most recent release, A Tiny Matchmaker for Two Star-Crossed Mates, is now available.

Lone Wolf 6.1

His whole life, Myles has suffered pain and rejection. He knows that he deserves it—what use could anyone have for a tiny, pathetic werewolf like him? In a last bid for survival, he seeks refuge with the Lone Wolf Pack—but he has no expectations or hopes for the future. He definitely doesn’t expect to find his mate.

Braendan is one of the oldest Sidhe on earth. Endless centuries of loneliness have made him bitter and irritable, and when he meets the adorable werewolf, he reacts poorly and makes the worst first impression to the man—to his mate.

Both men are broken in different ways, and both think they are no good for one another. Shannon Simmons might be only a baby, but he will have none of that nonsense. Sometimes, adults need all the help they can get—and really, if he nudges them in the right direction, who can blame him?

Buy links here: All Romance and Smashwords.

As for my coming soons, I am currently working on the third story in my Hachti Warriors series, as well as on the Alpha Gathering series. It all depends on the muse 🙂

Have fun, thank you for reading and enjoy Lone Wolf Pack 6.1.!

One thought on “Out now: Lone Wolf Pack 6.1

  1. Hey this is a totally weird question but… when is this going to be on B&N? I have all the other books through them and it is a real hassle to buy from dreamspinner cause of formatting and stuff. I keep checking to see if it updated but just thought I would ask. Thanks and LOVE this series!! Looking forward to Alpha Gathering number 2!


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