Now out: Lone Wolf Pack 6

Lone Wolf Pack 6. A Future for His Werewolf Warrior aka Mathias’s book is finally out!

Lone Wolf 6 - 64% - 150dpi

For decades, Mathias Girard has been convinced Will Orwell is his mate. It is painful for him to know that Will belongs to someone else and is forever out of his reach. But when Will’s son Jessie desperately needs Mathias’s help, Mathias doesn’t hesitate and rushes to his aid. He does not expect his visit to the Lone Wolf Pack to lead him to his actual destined mate. Ward Bennett.

It takes but a moment—the moment Mathias’s eyes meet Ward’s—for him to realize he had it all wrong. His heart finally finds its true north, no longer torn apart by self-deception and grief. But things aren’t about to go smoothly for Mathias. They never do.

Ward comes to Willow Cove in an attempt to hide from his past. Seeking refuge in the small town that his mother once called home, he finds a love he was not looking for, and is thrust into a world he is completely unprepared for.

Between the bright flare of passion, the desperate desire to understand, and the uncertainties that plague them, the two men have their work cut out for them. Can Ward open his heart to his unlikely partner despite all of his doubts? Can Mathias finally build a future for himself and his new family?

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I know many of you have been waiting for this story so I’ve been working hard on it :). Sorry for not replying to the messages that asked about it – I wanted to focus on writing so that I could reward you all for your amazing loyalty. I hope you’ll enjoy Mathias’s story.

Happy reading!

P.S. I’m as of yet unsure what I’ll write next but I’ll keep you posted.

Happy V-Day release: Love Letters from an Alpha!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I couldn’t let V-Day pass without a celebratory release so I just uploaded a new Lone Wolf Pack Ripple, Love Letters from an Alpha.

Ripples 2 - 64% 150dpi

A dancer at an exclusive club for gay men, Owen Ellis has long ago learned to separate his real life from his alternate identity—the masked Incubus who comes to life on stage. But then a mysterious man comes to his every show, watching him with eyes that speak to Owen in a way he can’t hope to understand.

When love letters and beautiful roses start popping up in his dressing room, he tries to tell himself romance can never happen in such a situation. But the man’s gaze follows him in his dreams, as does the want he can barely contain.

Unbeknownst to him, his secret admirer is none other than Luther Valentino, an Alpha werewolf with a painful past. Despite the love he already feels for Owen, Luther can’t help but fear what his nature might mean for his human mate. Can the stories of the Lone Wolf Pack’s courage bridge the gap between this unlikely couple?

Buy links: All Romance and Smashwords.

Also note that All Romance has an awesome rebate today (50% off everything), so check it out! Happy reading, and happy Valentine’s Day again!