New release: Anger Management for Alphas

Hi there. Surprise release: The muse was bugging me and I decided to give in. The Lone Wolf Ripples were born – which will be basically shorts that take place in the Lone Wolf Pack universe, but less connected to the pack than the Hot Sparks in the actual series.

Lone Wolf - Ripples book 1  64% 150dpi

The courage of the Lone Wolf Pack changed more lives and affected more destinies than they’d ever thought. The ripples echoing through their entire world brought together countless lovers.

Landon Boone is angry. His pack insists on him taking an official female mate, but all he wants is to wait for his other half. An outburst of temper—in a human bar, no less—forces him into anger management classes. It is yet another irritant for a werewolf Alpha with too many problems to count.

He does not expect his mate to walk through the same door Landon dragged himself through.

Angel is everything Landon had wanted, and more—so beautiful he truly deserves his name. Against all odds, anger management classes—the werewolf Alpha edition—actually have a result.

But Angel also carries the burden of a painful past, and it is up to Landon to help his mate start over. Yet if there is one thing the Lone Wolf Pack taught Landon, it is that mate bonds are stronger than anything. He has every intention of proving that to Angel, and to himself.

Buy links here: Smashwords and All Romance.

I am currently working on Lone Wolf Pack 6, as well as the next Ripple. Hopefully, I’ll manage to finish Mathias’s story soon. In the mean time, enjoy Anger Management for Alphas!

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