New release: Anger Management for Alphas

Hi there. Surprise release: The muse was bugging me and I decided to give in. The Lone Wolf Ripples were born – which will be basically shorts that take place in the Lone Wolf Pack universe, but less connected to the pack than the Hot Sparks in the actual series.

Lone Wolf - Ripples book 1  64% 150dpi

The courage of the Lone Wolf Pack changed more lives and affected more destinies than they’d ever thought. The ripples echoing through their entire world brought together countless lovers.

Landon Boone is angry. His pack insists on him taking an official female mate, but all he wants is to wait for his other half. An outburst of temper—in a human bar, no less—forces him into anger management classes. It is yet another irritant for a werewolf Alpha with too many problems to count.

He does not expect his mate to walk through the same door Landon dragged himself through.

Angel is everything Landon had wanted, and more—so beautiful he truly deserves his name. Against all odds, anger management classes—the werewolf Alpha edition—actually have a result.

But Angel also carries the burden of a painful past, and it is up to Landon to help his mate start over. Yet if there is one thing the Lone Wolf Pack taught Landon, it is that mate bonds are stronger than anything. He has every intention of proving that to Angel, and to himself.

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I am currently working on Lone Wolf Pack 6, as well as the next Ripple. Hopefully, I’ll manage to finish Mathias’s story soon. In the mean time, enjoy Anger Management for Alphas!

Coming soon: Lone Wolf Pack 6

As is my habit, here’s where I post the details of the following release, which will most likely be–as per the title of the post–Lone Wolf Pack 6. A Future for His Werewolf Warrior.

Lone Wolf 6 - 64% - 150dpi

For decades, Mathias Girard has been convinced Will Orwell is his mate. It is painful for him to know that Will belongs to someone else and is forever out of his reach. But when Will’s son Jessie desperately needs Mathias’s help, Mathias doesn’t hesitate and rushes to his aid. He does not expect his visit to the Lone Wolf Pack to lead him to his destined mate. Ward Bennet.

It takes but a moment—the moment Mathias’s eyes meet Ward’s—for him to realize he had it all wrong. His heart finally finds its true north, no longer torn apart by self-deception and grief. But things aren’t about to go smoothly for Mathias. They never do.

Ward comes to Willow Cove in an attempt to hide from his past. Seeking refuge in the small town that his mother once called home, he finds a love he was not looking for, and he is thrust into a world he is completely unprepared for.

Between the bright flare of passion, the desperate desire to understand, and the uncertainties that plague them, the two men have their work cut out for them. Can Ward open his heart to his unlikely partner despite all of his doubts? Can Mathias finally build a future for himself and his new family?

This is likely to be the last title in the first arc of the Lone Wolf Pack, although I have big plans for this universe, and your favorite characters. So stand by and watch this space for more updates! And meanwhile, enjoy Alpha Gathering, and don’t forget to drop me comments with your thoughts and opinions.

Now out: Alphas, Secrets and Surprises

Hi everyone! Hope winter’s been good on you so far. I’m back with an update, and a new release. The first book in my Alpha Gathering series is now out.

Alpha Gathering Book 1 - blue 64% 150dpi

The Gathering—a meeting of Alpha werewolves, a place of intrigue, secrets, clashing interests and conflicts born out of greed, pride and resentment. A place that puts no value in love and tests the bonds of loyalty—and yet, leads two men and two destinies to come together as one.

Beta Argent Hull has one goal at the Gathering, to help the Alpha he betrayed and fix at least some of his mistakes. He does not expect his path to cross that of his other half, Alpha wolf Aleksandr ‘Sasha’ Maximoff.

For a few seconds, he dares to hope he might have a future—until he meets Sasha’s eyes and sees only ice. He knows then that his fate is sealed, and he does not deserve a mate.

Unbeknownst to him, Sasha has other concerns. The Maximoff pack is in turmoil, and Sasha fears his father’s anger would target Argent. And their problems are only just beginning. There are secrets buried deep in Argent’s past, and many surprises still to come. Can the budding, frail relationship between the unlikely couple survive the Alpha Gathering?

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As I mentioned in previous posts, this series is connected to the Lone Wolf Pack series, and it references characters and events from it.  I hope you enjoy it, and the new twists in the Lone Wolf universe. Happy reading!