Coming soon: Alphas, Secrets and Surprises

As per the title of the post, the next release will most likely be Alphas, Secrets and Surprises, the first book in the Alpha Gathering series.

Alpha Gathering Book 1 - blue 64% 150dpi

The Gathering—a meeting of Alpha werewolves, a place of intrigue, secrets, clashing interests and conflicts born out of greed, pride and resentment. A place that puts no value in love and tests the bonds of loyalty—and yet, leads two men and two destinies to come together as one.

Beta Argent Hull has one goal at the Gathering, to help the Alpha he betrayed and fix at least some of his mistakes. He does not expect his path to cross that of his other half, Alpha wolf Aleksandr ‘Sasha’ Maximoff.

For a few seconds, he dares to hope he might have a future—until he meets Sasha’s eyes and sees only ice. He knows then that his fate is sealed, and he does not deserve a mate.

Unbeknownst to him, Sasha has other concerns. The Maximoff pack is in turmoil, and Sasha fears his father’s anger would target Argent. And their problems are only just beginning. There are secrets buried deep in Argent’s past, and many surprises still to come. Can the budding, frail relationship between the unlikely couple survive the Alpha Gathering?

As some of you probably realize, this series is strongly connected to the Lone Wolf Pack, and as I mentioned before, largely begins with the events in Lone Wolf Pack 4. The series itself will handle what’s happening behind the scenes while the Lone Wolf Pack settle into being… well, a pack. I’m already planning book 2, but more on that in 2015.

Alphas, Secrets and Surprises will probably come out some time in January. Keep an eye on the website for more news, and happy holidays again!

New release: Rescued by His Lone Wolf Mate: A Lone Wolf Pack Hot Spark

Happy holidays everyone! To celebrate the end of the year, I’m uploading a new Lone Wolf Pack title, called Rescued by His Lone Wolf Mate.

Lone Wolf 5.1 64% 150dpi

Connor is a lone wolf. Having been banished from his pack at a very young age, he’s spent his entire life evading others of his kind, while still yearning for a home.

Dani is a rabbit shifter. Cast out from his warren, he feels lost and alone in a world that doesn’t welcome those who are different.

They have one available course of action—finding the Lone Wolf Pack, the family of outcasts who stood their ground against the entire werewolf world. This illusive spark of hope leads the two men to meet in a diner as lonely as their hearts, changing their lives forever.

Buy links here: Smashwords and All Romance.

Rescued by His Lone Wolf Mate ties in with one of the sequel/spin off series I’m planning for Lone Wolf. More on that in 2015. In the meantime, enjoy reading, have fun on your holidays and have a very happy new year!

Now out: Lone Wolf Pack 5 and Coming Soon

Hi all. Here’s my customary update post. Lone Wolf Pack 5 aka A Baby Daddy for a Werewolf Silencer aka Erdi’s story is now out.

Lone Wolf Pack 5 64% 150dpi

Erdi is a silencer. His life is one of blood, duty and shadows, and he has resigned himself to his role—until a mission leads him to Jensen Moore.

Erdi’s heart and his instincts know the truth—that Jensen is his other half. But silencers don’t have mates, and Erdi knows he doesn’t have the right to even desire Jensen. He is both relieved and crushed when, after the mission, Jensen doesn’t remember him at all. Given a chance to start over, he sternly reminds himself that, no matter what, he will never deserve Jensen.

But Jensen is nothing if not very determined, and very curious. His friend Parker’s abrupt departure leads him to start digging—and soon, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of the werewolf world, meeting Erdi for a second time.

The attraction between them is impossible to suppress, but guilt, pain and sorrow still weigh heavily on Erdi. And the surprises aren’t over yet. Between Jensen’s sudden bouts of nausea, and an unexpected threat from the past, can the couple, and the Lone Wolf Pack, truly start over?

Buy links here: All Romance and Smashwords.

Also, you will notice that I don’t have a coming soon section at the end of the book (or a separate post this time around). That’s largely because the cover for the story isn’t ready yet. I struggled quite a lot with the title, and by the time I figured it out, it was too late to have the cover on time. But no worries. I am working on the next release. Depending on holiday stuff, it should be available in a few weeks.

So as not to leave you completely hanging, the following release will be Alpha Gathering 1. Alphas, Secrets and Surprises. Alpha Gathering is a spin off series, taking place in the Lone Wolf Universe. The first book stars Argent (the former beta of the Simmons pack), and his mate, Sasha. Timeline wise, it follows directly after book 4 of Lone Wolf, but it will probably span throughout five (I’m not sure about that just yet, since it is, after all a WIP 🙂

In any case, I hope you enjoy Erdi’s story. Happy reading everyone!

Special Cyber Monday release: Lone Wolf Pack 4.2/Thank you, dear readers

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family. To celebrate this period, I’m uploading an extra release for Cyber Monday.

Anya - Lone Wolf Pack 4.2 64% 150dpi

A few years ago, Bobby Cox lost the most important thing in his life. Fearing the machinations of his pack leader, he broke up with his mate, TJ.

Now, the Adler pack is free of tyranny, and the new Alpha seems open to inter-species relationships. Bobby finally has hope. But will TJ, a feline shifter, want to take a chance on Bobby again, or is their bond broken beyond repair?

Buy links here: Smashwords and All Romance.

Also note that All Romance is also celebrating Cyber Monday with quite a rebate – 50% off! Fun times for readers 🙂

And speaking of All Romance – I got word that I’m a 2014 bestselling author on ARe! That’s just… wow for me, and I owe it all to you guys. Thank you, dear readers, for your loyalty and support.

On a coming soon note, I’m almost done with Lone Wolf Pack 5, commonly known as Erdi’s story. Between the edits and such, I’ll probably upload it next week. Book 6 will star Mathias, but I’m not sure if I’ll write that or something else first.

Anyway, have fun reading, enjoy Cyber Monday, and many thanks again!