Coming Soon: Lone Wolf Pack 5

As you can see, I just updated the blog with my newest release, and as is my habit, I’m posting the ‘coming soon’. My current work in progress and next release is Lone Wolf Pack 5.

Anya - Lone Wolf Pack 5 200x300

Erdi was a silencer. His life was one of blood, duty and shadows, and he’d resigned himself to his role—until a mission leads him to Jensen Moore.

Erdi’s heart and his instincts know the truth—that Jensen is his other half. But silencers don’t have mates, and Erdi knows he doesn’t have the right to even desire Jensen. He is both relieved and crushed when, after the mission, Jensen doesn’t remember him at all. Given a chance to start over, he sternly reminds himself that, no matter what, he will never deserve Jensen.

But Jensen is nothing if not very determined, and very curious. His friend Parker’s abrupt departure leads him to start digging—and soon, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of the werewolf world, meeting Erdi for a second time.

The attraction between them is impossible to suppress, but guilt, pain and sorrow still weigh heavily on Erdi. And the surprises aren’t over yet. Between Jensen’s sudden bouts of nausea, and an unexpected threat from his past, can the couple, and the Lone Wolf Pack truly start over?


I’m not quite sure what the next project will be, since I have several ideas – including Mate Wooing 2 and Alpha Gathering 1. But I can tell you one thing. The Lone Wolf Pack universe is not going anywhere 🙂 More on that coming when Baby Daddy comes out, which will probably be in a few weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy Nate and Val’s story! Happy reading!



3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Lone Wolf Pack 5

  1. Hi, I love the “Lone Wolf Pack Books”. Many Thanks for this. Will there be a Book about Mathias. Because I think he deserves a Mate. Maybe one of Gavins brothers, when they are older. Thanks again. Bye.


    • Yes, Mathias’s book will be book 6 of Lone Wolf Pack. As you can imagine, his mate won’t be either of Gavin’s brothers, since they are too young now 🙂


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