Coming soon and future projects

Hey there! I hope everyone’s had a nice, fun Halloween! I’m here for my customary ‘what’s next’ post.

As those of you who purchased “A Family with His Werewolf Mate” know (thank you!), the next release will be a Lone Wolf short story called Bonded to His Werewolf Lover.

Anya - Lone Wolf Pack 4.1

Nate Stone has a problem. His uncle, pack Alpha Wendel Adler, and his cousin are both dead—leaving Nate the only one who can take care of the Adler pack. He is torn between his lack of interest in leadership and his desire to help… at least, until one unexpected twist of fate makes his path cross that of Valentine Smythe. His mate.

Val didn’t expect much of his quiet weekend away. He definitely didn’t expect literally running into the most handsome man he’d ever met in his life. The chemistry between them is explosive, and the attraction goes beyond the sexual.

Will that be enough to bridge the gap between the two lovers? Will their bond survive the weight of Nate’s secret, or will their differences prove to be too much to handle?

I have two other stories in the works. The first is Lone Wolf 5 – which will be Erdi’s story (title currently TBD). The second is the first book in the spin off series I mentioned in one of the comments. The series is called Alpha Gathering and it starts out tentatively from the ending of A Family with His Werewolf Mate. The first story will star Argent and his mate (both characters appear in Lone Wolf, but the second only shows up in Family so I don’t want to mention him for spoiler purposes).

This is my tentative plan in the near future. It is not necessarily a guarantee – I’m not sure yet as to the order in which any book will be released since it depends on ‘the muse’. Anywho, keep watching this page, and I’ll have more updates for you.

In the meantime, enjoy Dean and Will’s story, and do drop me your thoughts and comments!

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