Coming soon: The Beta’s Kitty Cat

As I’ve taken the habit to keep everyone posted on my coming soons/works in progress, here’s the next update. My following release will be Mate Wooing 102. The Beta’s Kitty Cat.

Mate Wooing 102 - short 64% 150dpi

It was just another mission for Beta Mason Green, just another day of using his abilities to protect the secrecy of his kind. At least…it was until he caught the beautiful, tantalizing scent, pursued it—and earned himself a shower of ice water for his trouble.

It’s worth it, though, because the culprit behind his predicament is none other than his true mate, Leo. But Leo is a house cat shifter, and felines are notoriously wary of werewolves. Can Mason convince Leo their bond is more important than the difference between species or will Leo never purr for him again?

The Beta’s Kitty is a short story that immediately follows the events in The Werewolf’s Roomie. The next book in the Mate Wooing series (in plotting stages) will star Ross and Devon.

Currently, I’m working on book 4 of Lone Wolf Pack, tentatively called A Family for His Werewolf Mate. The book stars Dean and Will, and you can probably expect it around the end of October. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Expecting His Alpha’s Child! Do drop me comments–your thoughts on my work are greatly appreciated. Happy reading!

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