Coming soon, Lone Wolf Pack 3

Hi there, readers! As you can see, I just released my new title, The Werewolf’s Roomie. What’s next, you ask? As I mentioned in some of the replies to your comments, the next release will be Lone Wolf Pack 3. Expecting His Alpha’s Child.

Anya - Lone Wolf Pack 3 - Expecting - 64% 150dpi

The day his brother-in-law Gavin gives birth, Finn Simmons receives an unexpected phone call. Gavin’s little brothers need his help, and their social worker, Parker Knight requests a meeting. With Gavin and Saul busy with their new son, it’s up to Finn to take charge of the situation. But when he does exactly that, he finds in shock that Parker is his mate. Naturally, he’s ecstatic… except he’s still a werewolf Alpha with too many responsibilities and secrets, and there’s still an enemy pack biting at his heels.

Parker has dedicated his life to helping people as a social worker. When a case that’s particularly close to his heart leads him to meeting a breathtakingly handsome man, he tries to be professional about it. He tries to remember he can’t lose his heart to Finn Simmons—and he fails.

Despite their misgivings, their pull toward one another is too strong to resist, but the obstacles in their path are not to be trifled with. In a world increasingly hostile toward human-werewolf matings, can one Alpha protect his new mate, and his unexpected new family?

This title will be available in a few weeks. Currently, I have finished the first draft and am in editing stages. As for what’s next… Most likely Lone Wolf 4. I don’t have a title for that one yet, but I can tell you it’ll be William and Dean’s story. I know many of you have been waiting for it, and so have I :).

In the meantime, enjoy The Werewolf’s Roomie!

3 thoughts on “Coming soon, Lone Wolf Pack 3

  1. Hi,.I read all your books and loved, loved them all, but I must say that this series became one of my favorites, and that I can’t wait to read the next one(s)…do you already have a release day for Gavin’s book ?


    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying my works. Finn’s book will most likely come out this weekend (Oct 11-12). I am currently doing the final edits, and it should be ready by then.


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