Thanks and answers for my readers/coming soons

Hi there. First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who’s left me comments or simply bought Sold to the Man in the Purple Fur and/or Pregnant with His Werewolf Dom. Self-publishing is new to me, and I am overjoyed at the response.

Since there have been questions with regard to the release of the next book, I will post it here so that everyone will see.

Knocked Up by His Werewolf Dom is complete and will most likely be published this weekend. I am currently in the process of formatting it and preparing it for upload. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it should be up on Saturday or Sunday (Sept 12 or 13 respectively.)

For your enjoyment, here is the cover again.

Anya2 - Knocked up by His Werewolf Dom 200x300

The next release will be an unrelated title called Mate Wooing 101. The Werewolf’s Roomie. It is also complete, but in first draft stages. You can expect that in 2-3 weeks. I will update the coming soon page with the blurb for it once I’m happy with it.

I am also working on Lone Wolf Pack 3, which will probably be the release after The Werewolf’s Roomie.

I hope this answers some of my readers’ questions. Thank you again for your support! You’re amazing.

4 thoughts on “Thanks and answers for my readers/coming soons

  1. I just finished the first book in the series myself. I’m glad that the next will be coming soon. I have my suspicions about Jessie’s past…

    I did notice, at least in my pdf copy (got it from Smashwords), a typo where you should have said “one” but it had a different letter for “o”. Now I have to go find it. 🙂


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