Now out: Sold to the Man in the Purple Fur

Sold in the Man in the Purple Fur is now available for purchase, for purchase, from All Romance, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

Sold to the Man in the Purple Fur - FULL

Rain Enderton is a half-human hybrid in a quandary. Rejected by his alien mother’s people, he tries to find a place for himself on Earth, seeking a purpose to replace the affection he never received.

That is, until he is kidnapped by space pirates with a grudge on his father and a strange hold over insectoid aliens. He really doesn’t think his situation could get any worse, but then he is sold as a sex slave to a purple-furred Hachti, a member of the one of the most dangerous species in the universe.

Hachti warrior Neshtai has a problem. He is in heat, and desperately in love with his best friend and clan brother Drennach. In one last attempt to find a solution, he seeks a sex slave—only to run into a beautiful half-human hybrid named Rain.

Rain’s eyes are the same color as Neshtai’s fur. It must be fate.

Meanwhile, Drennach is assaulted by jealousy—but is he jealous of Rain, or of Neshtai? How in the universe is he supposed to deal with not one, but two impossible loves?


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