New release: Wrong Omega, Right Mate

Hi, everyone! I’m back after a far too long absence, with a new release, currently live on Amazon.

AB - Wrong Omega, Right Mate

As a male Omega, Charis ‘Char’ Slater is supposed to have the world at his fingertips. Only real life doesn’t work that way, and he is tired of the double standard society imposes on people of his orientation. He’s also on the cusp of his heat, which is less than ideal for an unbonded Omega. When a friend suggests hiring an escort to deal with it, he happily agrees.

Meanwhile, Alpha Dante Takahashi finds himself straining against the unreasonable expectations of his father and constantly fighting instincts that are too powerful for him to contain. He needs a way to let out a little steam. When his friends suggest hiring an escort to deal with it, he’s reluctant, but agrees.

It should have been the easiest thing in the world—only it isn’t. When the escort service makes a mistake, two true mates meet in a hotel room, both thinking the other is a sex worker. Will they manage to turn their accidental meeting into a forever, or is their unexpected romance doomed to fail?

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Happy reading!

Easter release: A Mate Hunt for Mark

Happy belated Easter! 🙂 My apologies for the long absence. The other day, I finally re-uploaded my Easter special on Amazon.


Legend has it that on Easter, rabbits visit children and bring them gifts of colorful eggs, candy and toys. That is true, but it is also not the only thing they do.

Attie is an Easter bunny and has been granted a new project—two blessings for two very special couples. He is in the middle of his task when the unlikeliest thing happens. Mark Roskam stumbles into his life.

To reconcile with his brother, Mark agrees to organize and Easter Egg Hunt on Roskam pack lands. When he spots an intruder on pack grounds, he naturally shoots into action. He does not expect the stranger in question to be his mate.

Legend has it that on Easter, rabbits visit children and bring them gifts of colorful eggs, candy and toys. This Easter, one werewolf will receive an ever greater gift—the gift of an Easter bunny’s heart.

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Hope you had wonderful holidays! Happy reading!

Amazon Re-upload: Special Delivery for My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, I have now re-uploaded on Amazon, Special Delivery for My Valentine!


Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet… Oh, forget it.

Oak de Moins isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day. He hates all the commercial mess the holiday has become. He’s content with his life and the affection he receives from the children he raises at the orphanage. He hasn’t found his true mate, but he’s okay with that.

And then, he starts receiving Valentine’s Day deliveries, and suddenly, he’s not okay at all.

He doesn’t know anything about the mysterious sender. By rights, he shouldn’t make too much of the packages. But his heart tells him there is more to it than meets the eye, and the scent attached to the gifts dives deeply into his dreams.

Who is Oak’s secret admirer? What is he hiding and why won’t he come find Oak?

This Valentine’s Day, Oak will receive an answer, and a gift more precious that anything in the world. A werewolf mate.

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Amazon re-upload: An Alpha Mate for Noel

Merry Christmas everyone! To celebrate, I reuploaded my very first Holiday Special on Amazon.


This white Christmas, shifter Santa gave to me, a partridge in a Christmas tree. Wait, no… That’s not how it’s supposed to go. Or is it?

Balthazar “Taze” Roskam is a social worker trying to help shifter street kids. A werewolf Alpha should be spending Christmas Eve in the pack, but instead, he finds himself ushering a reluctant lion cub into his new home. He does not expect to meet Noel de Moins, his mate.

A partridge shifter, Noel grew up an orphan, not knowing much of anything about his own kind. He spends each Christmas with other young shifters just like him, at the orphanage that is the only home he’s ever known. When he meets Taze, his entire life changes.

Noel has never really had a family of his own. Taze has given up on Christmas miracles. This holiday season, there might just be a special present for them both.

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Happy reading and enjoy your holidays!

Amazon Re-upload: Conflict of Interest

Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence. I’ve been busy with other things and not as conscientious as I should have been with uploading the website.

But I’m back, and with a new reupload, my single title, Conflict of Interest.

Conflict of Interest 64%

Criminal attorney Heath Thorpe thought he knew where his life was headed, until he meets a leggy brunette named Ashley at his brother’s wedding. Instantly drawn to the mysterious beauty, Heath is beyond shocked when it turns out she is actually a he. What is even more surprising is that Heath doesn’t mind as much as he thought he would.

Both Ashley and Heath know better than to pursue the attraction. But it’s a wedding, and they’re only human. They have sex anyway.

Neither of them expect anything to come of it. They’re too different, and Heath is still struggling with his sexuality. But when Ashley becomes the target of a vicious homophobic attack, it will be up to Heath to save him, in more than one way.

Buy link here: Amazon.

Thank you to everyone who has checked out my titles since my last post. Happy reading!

Amazon re-upload: Socks to be an Alpha’s Mate.

This weekend I re-uploaded Socks to be an Alpha’s Mate on Amazon.


What do an angry, overworked Alpha werewolf and an antisocial, human, animal-care worker possibly have in common? Nothing much, except perhaps the same laundromat. And then, a certain witch gets it into her head to teach humans a lesson about the meaning of soulbonds. Just like that, everything goes to hell.

When Alpha Sullivan Dupree and Emery Thatcher meet, it’s not love at first sight. In fact, it’s anything but. It’s the worst first impression possible—which makes it even crazier when, upon their second meeting, they realize a witch has forcibly soulbonded them. Soulmates? Hell no!

As a werewolf, Sullivan is used to getting screwed over by witches, but this is a bit much. As for Emery… Suffice to say he is not impressed with the paranormal world’s propensity to take over his life.

Stuck together, Emery and Sullivan now have to make the best of this strange twist. But is it truly a curse, or is it a blessing in disguise? What will our intrepid heroes discover through their unlikely bond?

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Amazon re-upload: Mate Meet Online 2

My apologies for my absence! Did you miss me?

This weekend, I uploaded Mate Meet Online 2 on Amazon.


For many years, Lydell Barlow has been convinced he isn’t normal. Unlike other werewolves, he has no mate. There is no other half waiting for him out there. His pack even banished him because of it.

When he learns of the new matchmaking platform for shifters—Mate Meet Online—he tries to ignore it. But soon, it becomes obvious that the deception behind the website is unforgivable. After all, how many shifters just as lonely as him are being given false hope? He cannot stand for it.

He joins the website with a vague plan of sabotaging it from the inside. But when the MMO search engine finds him a match, his plans change drastically. Because Emmie Lemaire—emmie_potofgold—is everything Lydell has ever dreamed of, and so much more.

Can it be true? Can a website lead two mates to one another? And if it is, how will Lydell confess his original intentions to the beautiful human who has stolen his heart?

One thing is certain—this Internet dating thing isn’t easy.

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